Apex Legends: ALGS Championship prize pool is now worth over $2 million

EA has decided to take things up a notch in competitive Apex Legends as they have upped the prize pool from the original USD $1,00,000.

Taking a page from Valve’s book on crowdfunding the prize pool for TI(the international) which is the most prestigious Dota 2 tournament, EA will now allow fans of the Apex Legends Esports scene to contribute to the overall prize pool via purchasing exclusive ALGS skins.

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For each individual skin purchase, EA will add USD $5 to the prize pool. And for each Animal kingdom Bundle purchase, they will add USD $20 to the total prize pool. As of writing, the prize pool for the upcoming ALGS Championship has crossed over $2 million.

ALGS Championship Prize Pool

Based on skin sales so far, a total of USD $1,055,775 has been added to the Apex Legends Global Series Championship prize pool. And they intend to add another $2,000,000 to the prize pool. Meaning the final prize pool will be USD $3 million.

The winners of the NA and EU events will receive over USD $200,000 while the rest will go to the other participants. The Apex Legends’ Esports scene has definitely seen its fair share of ups and downs, but this is a really smart move from EA as it will make the stakes even higher for these competitions.

On top of that, fans can directly support their favorite Esports team by purchasing exclusive skins. This formula has worked wonders for Dota 2 as the prize pool for the next TI 10 has already reached USD $40 million.

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Furthermore, this move from EA shows their renewed commitment to the competitive scene of Apex. Esports has definitely garnered a lot of mainstream attention in recent years due to the obscene prize pool of some of these tournaments. Of course, EA doesn’t want to miss out on that Esports wave.

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