Apex Legends Legacy: ALGS Store Skins, Upcoming Prime Skins, LGBTQ+ Badge, Community Loadscreens & More

Aside from the usual Prime Gaming skins for Apex Legends, Respawn seems to be offering exclusive ALGS skins for the first time ever.

The legacy update is here and as usual data miners have already started to reveal what Respawn has been working on. The first thing that stood out is the addition of ALGS skins for Apex Legends. These will be sold for Apex coins. And they will be completely separate from the Prime Gaming skins.

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Prime skins are usually a free add-on for anyone with an Amazone prime subscription. Respawn partnered with Prime Gaming to give away free rare skins. Players just need to link their Twitch account to their Apex Legends account and they will be eligible to win free Prime gaming skins every month.

ALGS Store Skins

ALGS Octane skin
Image via Shrugtal

ALGS pathfinder skin
Image via Shrugtal
ALGS Caustic skin
Image via Shrugtal
ALGS Mirage skin
Image via Shrugtal

ALGS Twitch drops:

Upcoming Prime Gaming Skins

Valkyrie Prime gaming skins
Image via Shrugtal
Revenant Prime gaming skin
Image via Shrugtal

Mirage Edition Skin

Mirage edition skin
Image via Shrugtal

Apex players will also be getting a Mirage edition skin bundle on May 18th. This bundle will feature a Mirage skin, gun charm, a Volt SMG skin, and some Apex coins.

Upcoming Badges

LGBTQ+ Badge Apex
Image via Shrugtal

Players will also receive a badge dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community and it might arrive in June.

Community Loadscreens

Apex Community Loadscreens
Image via Shrugtal

Some form of community made loadscreens are also coming very soon.

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Also, another badge called “Stop Asian hate” might be in the works, according to the leaks. However, there is no image of that badge available as of now.

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