Apex Legends Legacy: Valkyrie legendary skins first look, voice quips, and More

Valkyrie joins the Apex games with the upcoming Legacy update and it is already shaping up to be the most significant update to Apex Legends since its launch back in 2019.

Since the embargo for the playtest session has been lifted, we finally have a closer look at all the Valkyrie-related cosmetic items that are coming with the Legacy update. As with every other new character, Valkyrie has 4 unique legendary skins.

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On top of that, Valkyrie is also getting an exclusive launch bundle that includes a legendary character skin, Longbow skins, gun charm, and a badge. Usually, launch bundles like these are only available exclusively at launch.

Valkyrie’s launch bundle

Base legendary skins for Valkyrie

Valkyrie will launch with 4 unique-looking legendary skins. From the Cyberpunk theme to High-fantasy, everyone should find at least one skin that they really like.

Valkyrie voice quips:

Valkyrie’s voice quips showcase her outgoing personality similar to all the other legends in the game. Players can activate these voice quips to tease other players in the Apex games.

Respawn finally revealed her whole kit and based on initial impressions, it seems like she will be really powerful at launch. Even some devs at Respawn stated that they are worried about Valkyrie being a bit too overpowered at launch. We’ll finally able to get our hands on Valkyrie when the new Legacy update goes live on May 4th.

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