Apex Legends Legacy will remove white loot from the game, Respawn dev confirms

It’s finally happening. Respawn will remove all the white tier loot from Apex Legends with the upcoming Legacy update.

The Legacy update will bring the biggest change to the game since its launch. Apart from the typical seasonal additions like a new legend, weapon, and map updates, Respawn will also add a permanent game mode “Arenas” that removes all the battle royale mechanics from the game.

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Along with these massive changes, Respawn will also remove all the level-1 or white tier loots from the game. This change was a long time in the making as the Locked and Loaded LTM where players would spawn with a white shield and a Mozambique garnered a lot of traction from players.

This mode basically removed all the level 1 loot from the game. Most players agreed the removal of white loot from the game positively impacted their play sessions. On top of that, it also gave players a fighting chance in case they don’t find anything noteworthy while dropping in tightly contested areas.

White loot removed

In a recent interview with THEGAMER, Daniel Klein, lead game designer at Respawn stated that they are taking steps to make their loot pool less bloated. And the success of the Locked and Loaded event really encouraged them to slowly remove all the white loot from the game.

we are taking some steps to make sure our loot pool doesn’t get too bloated. For instance, there was a limited-time mode earlier this year called Locked And Loaded where all white loot was removed from the ground, but it had some long-term balancing problems that we’re not okay with. But we are taking steps toward that state. In Legacy you will see everybody starts with a starter kit, so a white armour, white knockdown shield, white helmet, two cells, two syringes.

Daniel Klein, Lead game designer

The dev also stated that giving every player the bare minimum like a white shield, knockdown shield, two cells, and two syringes would make encounters fairer since players who hot dropped on a purple armor won’t be able to decimate players immediately.

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The removal of white loot from the game altogether may result in a less convoluted loot pool in general. And it is highly unlikely that fans of this battle royale will miss level-1 loots.

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