Respawn faces scrutiny over selling skin recolors for money in Apex during the Golden Week Sale

Respawn is currently facing backlash for selling recolors of legendary skins in Apex Legends for real-world money.

It isn’t really that uncommon for Respawn to sell character or weapon skins using their premium currency that can be collected via real-world money as this is a free-to-play game at the end of the day.

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However, in the current Golden Week Sale, Respawn decided to sell recolors of some of their popular legendary skins only via their premium currency instead of the usual legend tokens. Apex store usually lets players get the recolors of legendary skins via legend tokens that can be earned by just playing the game provided if they already own the base skin.

Consequently, it enraged the Apex community when Respawn started to sell recolors via the premium currency. Many fans of this battle royale game started to show their dissatisfaction with Respawn regarding this decision.

This is Iron Crown all over again

The Apex Legends community and Respawn have a troubled past when it comes to the prices of these event-exclusive skins. Back in 2019, during the Iron Crown collection event, Respawn devs had a back and forth with some members in the community in regards to the pricing of event-exclusive loot boxes.

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The current backlash from the Apex community is giving deja vu to some long-lasting fans of the series. Respawn is yet to make any comment regarding the situation, as of writing.

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