Apex Legends community is rallying behind ShivFPS following his Twitch ban

Popular Apex Legends streamer ShivFPS received a ban from Twitch for using mean slurs against hackers.

According to Twitch, Shivam Patel or more commonly known by his online moniker “ShivFPS” broke Twitch’s terms of service as he used hateful terms to refer to a hacker that was continuously harassing him for days.

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The hacker not only stream sniped him for days on and end but also locked him out of his main Apex account. Also, the hacker used racist terms to harass ShivFPS while being in the same game.

But after ShivFPS managed to kill this hacker in a match he let himself loose and trash-talked the hacker, for which he later received a 7-day ban from Twitch.

ShivFPS appealed for a second time to Twitch after his seven-day ban. ShivFPS assumes the hacker, in this case, must have spam reported the clip that showcased his rage against the cheaters as that clip is no longer available on the platform.

FreeShiv movement gains momentum

Many in the Apex Legends community showed support towards ShivFPS and think this ban sets a bad precedent as hackers would be more eager to abuse streamers following this verdict by Twitch.

Being abused by the same cheater and stream sniper day in and day out can be brutal. And many in the Apex Legends community believes ShivFPS’ ban was unjustified and it actually empowers abusers.

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Twitch has not removed his ban even after his second appeal, as of writing. We’ll update this article with Twitch’s response on the second appeal.

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