Apex Legends dev urges players to complete Arenas teaser before the Legacy update for extra rewards

Respawn devs are urging players to complete the Arenas teaser before the Legacy update to get extra rewards in Apex Legends.

The upcoming Legacy update will bring a fundamental shift to the gameplay loop of Apex as Respawn is introducing “Arenas” which is a 3v3 style team deathmatch mode where players will be able to select custom load-outs before each round using crafting materials.

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This new game mode will be permanent and it will also have a ranked variant, but the ranked mode won’t available at launch, according to the devs. Currently, there is a teaser to the Arenas game mode that can be found in the airdrops.

For completing the teasers, players will apparently receive a “deluxe” version of a badge that will track a player’s highest win streak in the Arenas game mode.

Respawn’ Lead game designer Carlos Pineda also states, “TO BE CLEAR – everyone will get a badge that tracks your win streak. If you do the tease, your badge will look cooler.”

In short, players will receive a badge that tracks the win streak regardless of completing the teasers, but they won’t be eligible to receive the much cooler version of the badge.

How to complete Arenas teaser

Completing all the small tasks for the Arenas teaser is fairly easy. First players need to collect some keycards from airdrops on both maps. After collecting the cards, players would have to click on the same keycards that will be visible on the home screen.

The next step is to scan holo sprays that are scattered throughout both the Kings Canyon and Olympus map. After scanning all the holo sprays scattered throughout World’s Edge and Kings Canyon map, players can finally go back to the firing range to see the last teaser. But the teaser will only arrive on April 28th.

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Complete all these side quests to earn extra rewards before the Legacy update goes live on May 4th.

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