Apex Finally Introduces Valkyrie with a Bombastic Trailer Featuring Titans

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Respawn finally released their latest stories from the Outlands trailer, featuring Valkyrie as the next legend in season 9 of Apex Legends.

Data miners have been hinting towards Valkyrie for some time now after they found clues in the game files. Even leaks from a playtesting session where Respawn would test out potential character abilities suggested that Valkyrie could be the next legend.

Apex Legends’ director Chad Grenier has already stated that they have locked in Legends up to season 12. Furthermore, they also confirmed that Respawn will introduce a lot of elements from the Titanfall series with the upcoming season of Apex.

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Stories from the Outlands

The trailer began with Rampart fixing something in her weapon workshop, as usual, with a countdown timer in the background. Later, we saw the first official face reveal of Valkyrie, where she was interacting with the legendary pilot Kuben Blisk from the Titanfall series.

The trailer also revealed details regarding Valkyrie’s past ties with Blisk and how her father, who was also a pilot, fought during the Great War. Then, the trailer ended with Valkyrie taking the keycard from Blisk, indicating that she will now officially join the Apex games. According to Respawn, Valkyrie’s real name is Kairi Imahara.

Valkyrie’s abilities:

Passive: VTOL Jets – Jump while in the air to jetpack.

Tactical: Missile Swarm – Fire a swarm of mini-rockets.

Ultimate: Skyward Dive – Launch into the air and Skydive. Teammates can latch on.

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