Bangalore’s smoke VFX bug fix is coming within season 9 of Apex, confirmed by a dev

There is a new visual bug in Apex Legends that affects Bangalore players in general. And it is finally getting fixed in season 9.

Starting with the Chaos Theory collection event that was released almost a month ago, players started to encounter a weird visual bug that was affecting the visibility of smokes coming out of Bangalore’s tactical. Meaning Bangalore’s smoke cover wasn’t working as intended.

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Players thought Respawn might have nerfed Bangalore’s smoke visibility secretly without mentioning it on their patch notes. However, turns out, it was just a visual bug that originated from the optimization that was being done on the VFX side.

The fix is coming in season 9

Bangalore’s whole kit relies pretty heavily on her smokes to provide cover as every Bangalore player love to use digital threat scope on all of their weapons since it gives her clear vision through her smokes. Consequently, it opens up a lot of creative gameplay opportunities for Bangalore players.

So, a visual bug that affects the visibility of smokes can in fact affect her other abilities as well. Respawn dev has already clarified that the final fix for this visual bug will be coming alongside season 9 of Apex.

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Bangalore has always been average when it comes to both pick and encounter win rates. In terms of power, she has been in a pretty balanced state. Although most Bangalore players would agree that they would love to receive some minor buffs from Respawn in the upcoming season 9. And that should spice things up in the current legend meta.

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