This fanmade Lifeline rework could solve all the pain points with her current passive ability in Apex

Lifeline is rumored to be in the chopping blocks for a nerf in the upcoming season 9 of Apex Legends.

As with each new season, Respawn likes to move the overall legend meta to a new direction. Since Lifeline’s passive ability called “combat revive” has been especially frustrating to deal with, devs have hinted that Lifeline could see a major rework in the upcoming season.

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The general consensus among fans is that Lifeline’s combat revive passive might be removed in season 9. However, hardcore lifeline players think otherwise. They believe Lifeline is perfectly balanced in the way she is right now in the current Apex Legends meta.

A fan has created a concept for Lifeline’s passive that would theoretically remove all the pain points surrounding the current iteration of her passive revive ability. This concept will also keep her status intact as a support legend.

Respawn needs to implement this

Instead of completely removing her combat revive ability, this fan suggests an alternative idea like using knockdown shields as a cover while the drone revives teammates. As the drone will no longer provide an unbreakable shield, it will make it easier for players to push a team that has a Lifeline.

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Furthermore, this change would give allies cover while they are being revived. And at the same time, it will also be much more favorable to the attackers as well. This rework could be a happy medium between completely losing combat revive and Lifeline being useless in the next meta.

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