Pro Apex Legends player Albralelie warns Hiko from playing the game as a solo

Apex Legends had a bit of resurgence in views in recent time following the Legacy update as it brought so many meaningful changes to the game.

Respawn made Apex from the ground up to be a team-focused shooter. While the game plays really well when paired with a good squad, the same can’t be said about the solo experience of Apex Legends.

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Even though Respawn introduced the genre-defining contextual pining system to the game, most players usually don’t play as intended especially in a solo queue. In short, playing with random teammates isn’t as fun as playing with a full squad with proper communication.

Professional streamers and players have been showing their frustration regarding the state of the game as a solo-only experience. From cheaters to random teammates, the experience of playing this battle royale game as a solo can be discouraging to newcomers.

Albralelie on the state of solo play

Popular streamer and pro VALORANT player for 100 Thieves Hiko expressed his interest in streaming Apex Legends. But TSM FTX Albralelie warned him from playing the game alone as the solo experience is really frustrating at the current state of the game.

According to Albralelie, not only the solo experience is irritating but also the normal public matches have become way too “sweaty”. As a result, casual play isn’t that appealing right now.

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Albralelie who is considered to be one of the best Apex Legends players claims the current state of the game isn’t ideal. But as SBMM(skill-based match-making) system isn’t going away anytime soon, the state of public matchmaking may remain unchanged.

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