Damage Farming for 4k Badge is Getting Out of Hand in Apex Legends

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Hard-to-earn badges in online shooters such as Apex Legends can be really sought after by dedicated players since they give a sense of accomplishment.

Before the start of every match in Apex Legends, players can show off their stats via different badges. Among them, the 4k damage badge, as well as the 20-kill badge, is desirable to devoted players.

Since getting 4k damage or 20 kills in a match can be extremely difficult, some individuals use unethical practices to unlock these rare badges. Recently, using damage farming to gain rare badges has become quite popular among the player base.

Consequently, it has created a really toxic environment for players who just want to enjoy the game and have fun.

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Damage Farming Needs to Stop

Examples like the one given above have become widespread recently. Basically, these free-damage farmers would queue in the same game together with their partners and use their innocent bystander teammates to farm damage until they acquire the highly coveted 4k-damage badge.

The exact same method has been used to farm 20 kills badges as well. Even though these badges are only meant for players who are really good at the game, these killjoys are ruining the prestige that is associated with the 4k and 20-kill badges.

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While players can already report the perpetrates for farming badges using illegal methods, it is still creating frustration for general players who are just looking for some fun after a long day at work.

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