Should melee get a nerf in Apex Legends?

Melee has been pretty effective in Apex Legends from day one in close-quarter scenarios, but now some are wondering if it is too effective in the current meta.

Respawn launched Apex Legends mainly as a Titanfall spinoff featuring battle royale game mode with a hero shooter-inspired cast of characters all with unique abilities. While the superior gunplay and intuitive contextual pinging system helped it stand out from the sea of battle royale games back in 2019, the melee system in the game was actually quite unique as well.

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In Apex Legends, if you are really in a pinch and don’t have any weapons on you then using melee can be an actual tactic in most cases as landing one successful punch will deal so much aim punch that opponents won’t be able to effectively use their weapons.

Melee punch glitch skips climbing animation

On top of that, the range of melee hitbox can be really generous in the game. In some instances, the melee glitch can actually help players skip climbing animation altogether. Aim punch combined with 30 damage means players can knock enemies with 4 to 5 consecutive melee attacks.

Is melee overpowered in Apex?

In recent times, some players are now calling Respawn to think about actually nerfing melee in the game. Specifically, players are now voicing concern regarding the melee lunge range. While the melee attack deals good damage, the overall range creates a suffocating experience for players at close quarters.

However, the current implementation of the melee system in Apex gives players an option to at least contribute in early fights if they can’t find any weapons in the early game or when getting respawned in the late game. In clutch situations, your melee can become your greatest strength in the heat of the battle.

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Respawn dev responds

One of the Producers at Respawn Entertainment Josh Medina stated that they will look into it. Even though it doesn’t really confirm anything about a potential nerf in the future, the situation might change as more and more players are asking for a nerf.

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