Apex Legends Season 10 Arenas Flash Events: Starting and Ending Dates, Rewards, Prize Tracker, & More

The introduction of Arenas game mode in Apex Legends was a good move from Respawn since some players wanted to enjoy the gameplay loop without the hassle of looting like a regular battle royale game.

Due to the massive success of the game mode, Respawn has doubled down on Arenas. As a result, the game received a dedicated ranked mode that is now live alongside the main battle royale portion of the game.

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Also, similar to the main game mode, Respawn started to give Arenas its own dedicated limited-time flash events featuring rewards. Just like any other limited-time event, Arenas Flash Event has a prize tracker for tracking progress and completing daily challenges.

Arenas Flash Events Season 10

The Arenas Flash event made its debut back in season 9. According to data miners, it will be an ongoing event and more flash events are coming in the near future. As of writing, Shrugtal who is a pretty reliable Apex Legends data miner suggests that season 10 will feature three additional Arenas Flash events.

Arenas Flash Events Rewards

Arenas flash event rewards season 10
Image via Shrugtal
Arenas flash event rewards season 10
Image via Shrugtal

Based on the leak so far, the third event will feature a rare Volt and Caustic skin. And the first two events will feature your run of the mil crafting materials, stars, and Apex packs. Players can also earn a lot of XP to complete their seasonal battle passes by just taking part in daily challenges.

Arenas Flash Events Start and End Dates

The first Arenas flash event will go live on August 10th, 2021, and will last around a week. The second one will start on the 24th of August and end on the 31st of August. And finally, the last event will be live on September 7th and end on 14th.

  • Arenas Flash Event #1: 10 Aug – 17 Aug
  • Arenas Flash Event #2: 24 Aug – 31 Aug
  • Arenas Flash Event #3: 7 Sept – 14 Sept

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