Apex Legends: TSM FTX ImperialHal suggests putting Seer into the care package might be a quick solution

The new legend Seer who was introduced with the season 10 update of Apex Legends turned out to be broken in terms of his abilities.

While Respawn had a history of releasing legends in a weak state only to buff them after a couple of seasons, this new season proved that they might have finally changed their approach on new character releases for this battle royale game.

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Before the actual release of Seer, even some developers at Respawn suggested that the game might need a quick hotfix if the new legend Seer and the new weapon Rampage LMG turn out to be overturned right out of the gate.

And based on the comments made by some notable devs regarding Seer and Rampage, Respawn might come up with a fix fairly soon. However, ImperialHal, a professional Apex Legends player currently representing TSM FTX has other things to say regarding the new season as well as the new legend.

Put Seer into the Carepackage?

In a recent Tweet made by ImperialHal in his official Twitter account, he jokingly suggests putting this Seer fellow into the care package. On top of that, he claimed this new season of Apex feels the most one-dimensional in terms of gameplay since its release back in 2019.

Also, he even goes onto compare the current state of the game to Fortnite 2.0. The season 10 update has been mostly positive in terms of new content. Although the general consensus is that the new additions in the game such as Seer, Rampage, and reworked L-star might need a retouch.

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Despite some subtle balancing issues, season 10 has been wildly successful as some of the biggest streamers made a switch to Apex following CoD Warzone’s declining player experience due to cheaters. Unsurprisingly, the game is doing really well in terms of player count, according to EA.

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