Apex Legends dev hints at a possible hotfix to both Seer and Rampage following the season 10 launch

As we are at the tail end of season 9 of Apex Legends, Respawn has already showcased what they have in the works for the upcoming season 10.

Similar to every new season, a new legend called “Seer” will join the vibrant roster of characters in the Apex universe. Also, Respawn will be introducing a new LMG to the game called “Rampage“. Understandably, a lot of players in the Apex Legends community are already concerned regarding both of these new additions to the game since even a slight over-tuning could cause havoc at launch.

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And these concerns aren’t that unfounded as in the previous season the bow was launched slightly overturned and similar things have happened in the past with new legend releases as well. The main concern from the player base is that if they both release in a broken state, it might take Respawn a while to come up with a fix.

Dev responds to concern over overturned releases

Apex s10 dev balance
Image via r/apexlegends

In a recent Reddit discussion thread, Apex Legends’ Live Balance Designer stated that they are well prepared to release a hotfix if both the new legend Seer and the new LMG Rampage turn out to be broken upon release. Furthermore, players won’t have to wait until Respawn releases their usual mid-seasonal balancing patches to address any issue that could be solved with a simple hotfix.

Respawn was notorious for not making adjustments fast enough to new weapons and character following their release. Although it is quite different now as Respawn has gotten better at making quick changes based upon community reaction to broken new mechanics.

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Based on what information Respawn has revealed so far regarding Seer and Rampage, they might release in a balanced state. Seems like we’ll find out on August 3rd, 2021 when the new season 10 Emergence launches.

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