Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence Release Date Across Different Time Zones

Season 9 of Apex Legends is about to end really soon and at this point, Respawn has revealed almost everything they have in store for players for the upcoming season 10 now known as “Emergence”.

Respawn started to move away from the seasonal naming structure altogether back in season 9. Instead of calling it season 9, they gave season 9 a new name. While the previous season was called “Legacy”, Respawn opted to refer to the upcoming season 10 as “Emergence”.

Similar to past seasons, the upcoming Emergence update will introduce a new legend called “Seer“, a new LMG weapon, a new hop-up, revamped World’s Edge map, a slick-looking battle pass, and lastly, meta shifting character and weapon balancing changes that will surely shake things up at the start of next season.

Furthermore, the fan-favorite new game mode Arenas will finally get a ranked variant. And that might introduce Apex to a new competitive player base who aren’t into battle royale games.

Season 10 Emergence Release Date:

The highly anticipated season 10 Emergence will arrive on August 3rd,2021 at around 10 am PST / 5 pm GMT / 6 pm BST.

Just a friendly reminder that players who haven’t finished their battle pass up to level 110 yet, it is time. The current season 9 features two legendary reactive devotion skins exclusive to this season only. And it won’t be available in the future. So, it is now or never.

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  • Also, based on everything that Respawn has revealed so far, the upcoming season seems like a blast with tons of content. Just hope EA servers will be able to withstand the crazy spike in the player count at the start of a new season.

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