Apex Arenas Flash Event: Skins, Event Tracker, Release Date, & More

Apex Legends’ new game mode Arenas will receive limited-time flash events similar to the main battle royale game mode, a new leak suggests.

The highly anticipated Legacy update is here and it introduced a brand new 3v3 style game mode that removed the RNG element from the game. Based on the recent feedback, it seems to be performing well. And Respawn seems to be working on exclusive flash events for this game mode.

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In short, this will be a week-long flash event where players would have to complete certain challenges within the time period to receive exclusive rewards like skins, Apex packs, and crafting materials.

Arenas Flash Event Skins:

Kawaii Voltage

Kawaii Voltage skin
Image via Shrugtal

Bright Plumage

Bright Plumage skin
Image via Shrugtal

Playing Koi

Playing Koi skin
Image via Shrugtal

Apex Arenas Event Tracker:

Arenas flash event tracker
Image via Shrugtal

The prize tracker seems to be similar to other limited-time game modes. Players will be rewarded points for completing daily challenges.

Apex Arenas Flash Event Release Date:

According to the leaks, there might be three flash events. The first one will be live on 11th May. And the next flash event will go live on May 25th. Subsequently, the last flash event is supposed to arrive on 8th June.

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