Early Trident concepts in Apex Legends looks like a speeder from Star Wars

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Jason McCord/ Respawn

In season 7 of Apex Legends, Respawn introduced vehicles for the first time in the game.

Titanfall fans assumed Respawn would add Titans to spice things up in season 7. Turns out, the developers at Respawn had a completely different plan. Instead of adding titans, the devs decided to add hoverbikes into the game.

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The idea of the hoverbikes really started to take off within season 5 as some devs started to experiment with Tridents to make sure it would actually play nice with the new Olympus map. Jason McCord who is the design director at Respawn just shared an image featuring Trident in the early development phase.

Trident concepts:

Trident’s early concept images really give off some star wars vibe. Without the appropriate textures and animations, these look really similar to a speeder from the Star Wars universe. Furthermore, the dev also shared some early images without proper codes or animations.

Trident early concepts
Image via Jason McCord’s Twitter

Rayme Vinson did a case by case basis, depending on how useful / game breaking the abilities were. Trying to make them all work, but not all work because they were either not useful or maybe too useful“, Jason on why some abilities got added to the Trident and some didn’t make the cut.

During the early days, devs experimented with many different utilities that can be placed on the vehicle. And not all the abilities made it through for balancing purposes as some abilities were performing better than others.

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The overall reception to Trident as well as the new map has been great. Despite some concerns over vehicles being added to the game, the end result was quite successful, to say the least.

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