Apex Legends Black Friday 2020 sale release date across all the different time zones

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image via Biast12/Respawn

Respawn is planning on launching a Black Friday sale for Apex Legends fairly soon. Alongside some really good deals, Wraith’s airship assassin is finally making a comeback to the digital store.

According to the leaks, the black Friday deal will include some old legendary skin bundles. Fan-favorite Octane’s Jester bundle will also make a return alongside some other gun charm bundles. Like the previous year, there will also be apex packs added to the gun charm bundles to make it more lucrative for players.

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Black Friday 2020 sale release date

2020 (year) 11 (month) 24 (day)

24/11-2020 (Others)

11/24-2020 (American)

2020-11/24 (Korea/Iran/China/…)

Black Friday 2020 bundles

The exact content of the bundle has also been leaked by Biast12 who is a pretty reliable data miner in the Apex Legends data mining scene. However, this is still a leak and should be taken with a grain of salt as certain things can still change before the official launch.

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All the eyes are mostly upon the possible return of the airship assassin skin. As this was a pretty rare recolor, diehard Apex Legends fans have been practically begging Respawn to bring this one back. And if the leaks are true then this is great news for all the Wraith players around the world.

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