Apex Legends dev shares an early pic from 2019 featuring Olympus in its infancy

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Jason McCord/ Respawn

Respawn’s design director Jason McCord who is currently working on Apex Legends just shared a really old pic from May 2019 highlighting how the new map Olympus looked in its initial development phase.

Olympus is the latest map in Apex Legends which was added with the release of season 7. Unlike the other two maps, Olympus doesn’t have any mountains that cover the actual real estate of the map. And as a result, Olympus feels absolutely massive compared to both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge.

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It had to be this big as Respawn also decided to add hoverbikes called “Trident” into the mix. To make sure vehicles work in an organic way, Respawn made a lot of changes to Olympus from its infancy back in 2019. Respawn has been working on Olympus since the beginning of 2020.

Apex Olympus map early look
Image via Respawn

Olympus map early look

The image is from May 2019 when Olympus was in its early development phase as the map doesn’t even have enough walls, according to Jason. On top of that, none of the PoIs(Points of Interest) were final. It’s quite fascinating to witness the development of Olympus from its infancy to the final product.

None of the PoIs were final. We were still trying to solve a floating city layout at a high level. There were LOTS of gaps and not enough walls“, Jason added.

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All those hard work seems to have paid off as reception to Olympus has been great. Most players in the Apex Legends community would agree Olympus has been a breath of fresh air. As some players were getting burned down through only playing two maps, Olympus gave old players a reason to come back.

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