Apex’s Next Legend Ash: First Look, Abilities, Release Date, Skins, & More

Since we are at the tail end of season 10 of Apex Legends, the rumor mill regarding the next legend is already heating up quite a bit. And thanks to a pretty reliable data miner we might just have figured the next character to join the Apex games.

Respawn Entertainment, shocked the gaming world when they first revealed Apex Legends which is basically a battle royale spin-off game based on their Titanfall universe. Following its release, it cemented itself as the best battle royale game in the market.

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Polished first-person shooter mechanics paired with a diverse roster of characters with unique abilities made it stand out from the sea of other battle royale games. Unsurprisingly, due to its massive popularity, Respawn regularly introduces one new legend with each new season to keep the player base engaged.

According to data miners, the next one in line is Ash. This mightn’t come as a big surprise to diehard fans who regularly keep up with the lore of the Apex Legends universe. Also, Respawn has already hinted at her in many teasers.

Ash’s First Look

Ash first made her debut into Apex Legends at the finale of the Broken Ghost quest event. And subsequent official trailers also showcased her which further gave more fuel to the rumor mill that she might be the next legend in season 11 of Apex Legends.

Data miners have found what Ash looked like when she was still a human. Although take that with a grain of salt since it is still a leak and in no way an official confirmation from Respawn.

Apex Ash
Image via Shrugtal

Ash’s Abilities

  • Passive Marked For Death: Ash’s map reveals all deathbox locations. Press “H” on a deathbox to mark surviving attackers.
  • Tactical Arc Ball: Releases a slow-moving ball of charged electricity that tethers people who get too close.
  • Ultimate Phase Breach: Dash and leave a portal
Ash passive ability
Image via Thordan Smash
Ash tactical ability
Image via Thordan Smash
Ash ultimate ability
Image via Thordan Smash

Based on leaks and testimonies from early playtesters as well as content creators, she might feature a kit set similar to that of Wraith, the poster child of Apex. According to data miners, her abilities might be heavily inspired by the Ronin class titans.

Meaning she might possess the ability to phase through objects and make portals similar to Wraith’s ultimate ability. NRG “aceu” who is a pretty notable Apex Legends content creator stated that nobody will play Wraith after the season 11 legend joins the Apex games.

Ash’s Legendary Skins

Apex ash skins
Image via Alpha Intel

Ash’s Release Date

Ash will arrive alongside the new Season 11 update of Apex Legends on November 2nd, 2021.

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