Albralelie Thinks That Seer is a “Game Breaking” Legend in the Current Apex Legends Meta

Seer’s popularity in Apex Legends has grown recently. So, Albralelie has shared his opinion on Seer and how broken he is in the game right now.

Seer was introduced in Apex Legends in Season 10: Emergence. After his grand release, Seer instantly became popular among the Apex Legends community because of his broken abilities. He was so good in the initial phase that Respawn was forced to give him a nerf to balance his abilities.

After his nerf, Seer’s pick rate had dropped significantly in Season 10. He was still a good legend and the only character that could rival Bloodhound. However, Seer’s pick rate started to rise again in Season 13 as many pro players picked him as the main Recon legend.

Even players like Imperialhal admitted Seer’s dominance over Bloodhound. Gradually, everyone started to recognize Seer’s usefulness in a match, and he became one of the top picks even in the highest level of competitive Apex Legends, ALGS.

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Albralelie Deems Seer as a “Game Breaking” Legend

Seer was the 4th most picked legend in the 2022 ALGS Championship with a 24.81% pick rate. And the MVP of the ALGS Championship, HisWattson, was also running Seer throughout the tournament. His aggressive playstyle with Seer proved everyone that Seer is not a legend who is only good for scanning.

Recently, professional Apex Legends player Albralelie also shared his take on Seer in the current Apex Legends meta. According to Albralelie, “Seer is kind of game-breaking in terms of denying resets.”

He mentioned that if every team starts to run a Seer, it will get hectic in the late games as it would get hard for teams to revive a knocked player, even with Newcastle or Gibraltar. So, Defensive characters like Gibraltar and Newcastle might become obsolete.

This may force a change in every team composition, and teams will have to play more aggressively rather than only going for placements. Albralelie also believes that teams need to evolve and adapt to the present Seer’s abilities in order to survive in the current Apex meta.

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