Respawn Hideouts Banned Over 1300 Players For Exploiting Arenas Ranked in Apex Legends

Arenas game mode has been a home ground for cheaters and exploiters in Apex for a while, and Respawn finally took the well-deserved action against them.

Arenas was introduced as a permanent game mode in the Legacy update in Season 9. Followed by its popularity, Ranked Arenas was also added to the game in Season 10. It was a massive win for Apex Legends, as many players showed their interest in this game mode.

Unlike Battle Royale, where you need to search in P.O.I.s to look for guns, you have the freedom to choose your favorite guns every Round in Arenas. As a result, Arenas has been a great place to practice and improve everyone’s gameplay.

However, as time passed, people started exploiting the Arenas Ranked system. As fewer players play this game mode, it became easier for players to queue together as 6-man in the same games and boost each other.

For a long time, the issue remained uncared by the Respawn devs. However, they finally took action against the abusers in Season 13 to address the problem and banned over a thousand players in Arenas Ranked.

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Over 1300 Were Banned For Exploiting Arenas Ranked

Hideouts, a Respawn dev, is a popular name among the community for raining down his “Ban Hammer” upon the cheaters and exploiters in Apex Legends. Since the game’s release, he has banned countless cheaters, exploiters, and hackers from mostly the BR mode.

However, this time his eyes were on Arenas. Players have been exploiting this game mode soon after it came out. As there is also a rank system in Arenas, players figured out a way to queue together and boost each other to get to the highest ranks. So, it needed a satisfactory cleaning.

A recent ban wave from Rspn_Hideouts has restricted 1307 players from playing Apex for exploiting and teaming in Arenas Ranked. The ban hammer included 392 PC, 520 PS, 375 XBOX, and 20 Switch Apex Players. According to Hideouts, the ban duration ranges from 2 weeks to permanent, depending on the severity of the abuse.

Surprisingly, from the 1307 players, 925 players were Apex Predators. This has absolutely changed the Arenas Ranked leaderboard. However, most players will be happy as it would now seem to be worth grinding the Ranked once again.

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