Apex Legends’ new movement tech “Elite Jump” might fill the void left behind by tap-strafing

The movement junkies in Apex Legends have already discovered a new movement tech called “Elite Jump” that literally propels players into the air in some parts of the map.

Recently, Respawn decided to remove the controversial movement tech tap-strafing from the game altogether as it can only be performed on PC. And in order to balance both controller and mouse inputs, Respawn made the conscious decision to remove it from the game.

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Unsurprisingly, it really made PC players in the Apex community really upset. However, seems like the dedicated movement community in the game has already come up with another crazy semi-new movement tech and started to call it “Elite Jump”.

Elite Jump Explained

As the name implies, this movement tech helps players to make one super-long jump to get the drop on their opponents in the heat of the battle. Although this movement is really applicable only in some parts of the map where zip lines are available.

How to perform a perfect elite jump

  • First of all, you need to connect to a zipline and turn 180 degrees while you are still attached.
  • Then you need to detach with two jump inputs, this can be easily done via both scroll wheel as well as the defult jump button. And it can be also performed while using a controller.
  • Also, the most important part is that you will need to enter these inputs within the timeframe of a normal super jump for it to work consistently.

Apex Legends content creator Buttonsie explained on his official Youtube channel how to perform this crazy maneuver.

With a little bit of practice using a zip line, anyone can do it pretty effortlessly. It can be used in conjunction with tap-strafing to open up even more crazy movement. Thus, it is really a versatile movement set. Although it can also be performed on its own without the help of tap-strafing.

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While this may not fully replace the void that will be left behind when Respawn removes tap strafing eventually, it may still offer up additional things for Apex Legends movement enthusiasts to master.

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