Pro Apex Legends players are still complaining about controller aim assist in season 10

The controller and mouse/keyboard debate has been quite heated in all most every popular first-person shooter game that is out there right now and Apex Legends is no exception.

As Apex Legends introduced cross-play into the game back in 2020, players from different platforms such as PCs and consoles were able to compete against each other in the same lobby. As a result, it is very common to witness players using vastly different input devices such as controllers and mouse/keyboard in the same pro lobby.

While it isn’t that big of a deal in the casual lobby, in the high ELO competitive ranked lobbies it is a major issue with no clear fix in sight. Since Respawn has enabled controller support in tournaments with big prizes, pro PC players are now complaining about the rampant aim assist that is available while using a controller.

Is aim assist too effective in Apex Legends season 10?

Recently, “sweetdreams” a professional Apex Legends player representing NRG stated that he is done getting knocked by controller aim assists in season 10. Later, he also goes onto claim that the aim-assist situation is getting worse as the seasons go on.

In response, some of the biggest controller pro players stated that mouse and keyboard players also have massive advantages as well against controller players. In the end, there might not be a clear answer to this debate.

According to Shroud, who is an ex-professional CS:GO player and a massive streamer, the only solution to controller vs keyboard is to put them in different lobbies in competitions only. As in casual lobbies, most players play for fun, having different input methods isn’t an issue. However, in a competition where real prize money is at stake, having an edge over your opponents might affect the competitive integrity of a game.

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