A Peculiar Bug is Preventing Players From Tap Strafing in Apex Legends

Apex Legends community has been facing an issue with their games that are preventing them from Tap Strafing completely or partially.

Since Apex Legends’ release, the community has discovered tons of movement mechanics in the game. As the game depends highly on movement, players all around the world master these techniques to get one step ahead of everyone else.

Every now and then, players accidentally discover unimaginable techniques, which later become some of the most learned and appreciated movement mechanics in the game. Tap Strafing is also one such movement mechanic that has been in the game since Season 6.

Respawn did not purposely put Tap Strafing in the game and wanted to remove it from the game. However, Mouse and Keyboard players did not want Respawn to remove Tap Strafing from the game as it was incredibly fun to use.

Though Tap Strafing was hit hard in Season 12, Respawn did not completely remove it from Apex Legends. As a result, players were mad but happy at the same time. However, very recently, players have been facing a very weird issue that is preventing them from Tap Strafing in the game.

So they have been wondering if Respawn silently removed or nerfed Tap Strafing from Apex Legends in Season 14 without any prior announcement.

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Did Tap Strafe Get Nerfed? Or Just a Bug?

Suddenly, one week after Season 14 got released, players are facing a severe issue with Tap Strafing. Out of nowhere, many players are unable to Tap Strafe in the game. While some players are completely unable to do it, others are having difficulty doing 180° Tap Strafe.

Some people claimed that they were able to do it in-game while others were not. So it was really unclear whether the nerf was actually intentional or just a bug. Respawn is infamous for unwillingly delivering more bugs while fixing other bugs. So, it wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone if it was an error from Respawn’s end. And Respawn might just have done it again.

Soon after the news was spreading over the internet like a plague, Respawn made an official Tweet from their page, “We’ve seen your reports about issues with tap strafing in @PlayApex after today and are looking into it.” It proves that it is only just a bug from Respawn’s end, and they are currently investigating it. So, expect a hotfix or small patch very soon that will revert Tap Strafing to its former state.

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