Apex Legends Players are Furious Following the Season 14 Ring Changes

Apex Players are debating whether the Season 14 ring changes were necessary as it seems “too much” to deal with.

Respawn changes various components of Apex Legends with every new update to keep the game fresh. Likewise, Season 14 has also undergone many transformations that completely changed the playstyle for most of the Apex Legends community.

Apex Legends went through some good changes in Season 14. For instance, Respawn brought Skull Town back to Kings Canyon, now known as Relic. They also changed Legends and Weapons-related meta along with a newly released legend called Vantage. Additionally, the new ranked system seems to have improved since the previous Seasons.

However, there are also some changes that the majority of the players didn’t appreciate. And one of them is the Ring adjustments. Respawn noticeably adjusted the first ring in a way that it now closes really fast and deals more damage. So players are not so happy about it.

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The Ring Adjustment is “Too Much”

As mentioned earlier, the first Ring has significantly changed after the Season 14 update. The preshrink time for Ring 1 has been decreased to 60 seconds, which was previously 180 seconds. The Ring also deals more damage than before. As a result, players are not getting much time to loot, fight and get into the zone.

A Reddit user named u/SaGeKyuga shared his frustration with the ring changes in the Apex Legends Subreddit. He quoted, “The new ring changes are wayyy too much; the distance you have to travel, how fast the ring starts moving give you zero time to loot, if the ring is far enough the damage on round 1 closing alone is enough to kill you if you aren’t hoarding med kits. Just finding a syringe feels like a miracle.

There are also other players who share the exact same feeling. Here are some of the highlighted comments from this post.

u/CHUG_Plays: “I find myself looking for heals more than I do ammo.”

u/HormigaZ: “I find my self looking for both, while running from the storm and shooting people. Bit too much”
u/isig: “Every starting circle turns into that scene in Pirates of the Caribbean 2 where Jack Sparrow is running away from the cannibals. Only the ring is the cannibals and Jack’s crew are the enemy team shooting you while also running away from the cannibals.
Though it does incentivize spreading out to get an uncontested drop.”

With the Valkyrie nerf, the rotation has also become less convenient than in previous seasons. The changes in jump towers’ positions in Kings Canyon also contributed even more to the situation. In any case, Respawn may keep the ring adjustment the way it is to change the meta. So, getting comfortable with the new ring system is a wise idea for now.

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