Apex Legends Pros Don’t Want Kings Canyon in The Map Pool Anymore, Says it’s “Time To Move On.”

Despite being an OG map in Apex Legends, Kings Canyon has its fair share of despisers. C9 Zach and Imperialhal feel the same way about Kings Canyon being in the Ranked map pool.

Respawn released Apex Legends in early 2019. The game introduced staggering features in the Battle Royale genre that many other huge titles did not even consider. Where other BR titles promoted slow-paced gameplay, Apex Legends, on the other hand, encouraged a more speedy playstyle.

Where features such as movement mechanisms, gunplay, and abilities contributed to fast-paced gameplay in Apex Legends, one of the most important reasons was the size and structure of the map. Kings Canyon was the first released map in the game. Compared to all the other maps that exist in Apex Legends, Kings Canyon is the smallest one yet. Additionally, the map does not go well with the current Apex meta.

Respawn tried several times to make Kings Canyon a better playground for ranked and competitive meta. However, it became almost impossible to modify this map in a way so that it remains ranked and competitive friendly without changing the fundamental structure.

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It’s “Time to Move On” From Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon is an iconic map in Apex Legends. Players who have been playing the game for a long time have a very emotional relationship with this map. However, the map is not well suited for the ranked and competitive gameplay. So, many players, including the pros, want to bid this map farewell for good.

Current IGL in C9 roster Zachmazer shared his thoughts on Kings Canyon. Even though he respects Respawn’s effort to make it better map, according to him, KC “doesn’t have a comfortable place” in the game anymore. So, Zach thinks that it’s “Time to move on” from Kings Canyon.

Imperialhal also has a similar thought on the Kings Canyon. He recently posted a screenshot of a Tweeter DM of him and Apex Legends about removing KC from ranked. Although the screenshot is edited, and he shared it as a meme, it somewhat conveys his thoughts on KC being in the ranked map pool.

Respawn is currently developing a new map called “Divided Moon.” The latest released map was Storm Point, which came out back in Season 11, So there’s a good chance that Respawn will release this new map in Season 15. With this new map being released, Respawn may just put an end to Kings Canyon for good.

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