Apex Legends Pros Are Disappointed With The Season 14 Ranked Change, Says “Ranked is Ruined”

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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With Apex Legends Season 14 patch notes being live, pro players have shared their opinions on the upcoming ranked changes. And they seem mostly disappointed.

Respawn officially released the Patch Notes for Season 14 Hunted on August 8, 2022. The Apex Legends community was eagerly waiting for these patch notes as many controversial changes were coming based on previous leaks and rumors.

Many weapons and legend-related changes were made to the game. Players are also getting a level cap increase to 2000. Skull Town is returning along with other massive changes in Kings Canyon. Not to mention, a new legend called “Vantage” is making her way into the Apex game.

Apart from these, Respawn is also making some Ranked changes following the disastrous performance in Season 13. However, one particular change is not settling in well among the pro players as they think it will ruin the ranked experience in Season 14.

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The Ranked is Ruined

Respawn made two main changes in the Season 14 ranked system. They increased the entry points by 5 and removed the diminishing return on eliminations. Following the second change, many pro players have shared their disappointment through their streams and social media platforms.

Popular Apex Legends streamer NiceWigg found himself in disbelief after finding out there will be full KP reward for every kill in Season 14. Wigg said, “Oh, you get full KP for all kills? …….. If that’s what it means bro, that’s so bad.”

The #1 Predator and ALGS Finals MVP, HisWattson also thinks the same as he posted, “Ranked is ruined.” on his Twitter. If the #1 ranked player believes there’s something wrong with the ranked system, then there’s definitely something wrong.

Alliance Hakis also shared his opinion on the Season 14 patch notes. Although he agreed with most of the changes in Season 14, he disliked how the ranked changes turned out. In his opinion, this change will only encourage people to “W” key, meaning people will now only care about getting kills rather than winning. As there is no kill cap, it will be a disaster.

Every Season brings many controversies to the ranked meta. There will always be contradictions related to the ranked changes, no matter how revised they are. Nonetheless, it will be exciting to see how the ranked system will turn out at the end of Season 14.

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