Catalyst Might Be The Upcoming Legend in Season 15 Apex Legends

Recent leaks have uncovered the potential upcoming legend Catalyst that might come to Season 15 of Apex Legends.

Season 14 of Apex Legends is live. Vantage, a new Battle Pass, Kings Canyon improvements, a new ranked season, and more were all introduced in this new season. Almost 3 months are left before Season 15 takes place.

While average players are busy enjoying this season of Apex Legends, data miners and leakers, on the other hand, are already hard at work revealing what’s coming in the next seasons. And they might’ve already discovered the next legend.

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Season 15 Legend “Catalyst”

With every new Season, Respawn usually delivers a huge load of files through their Seasonal updates. Data miners and leakers scrutinize these files and find out tons of unreleased information about upcoming Events, Skins, Game Modes, Heirlooms, and More.

Similarly, as Season 14 went live, a data miner named SomeoneWhoLeaks found new lines of code in the game files that suggests Catalyst might be the upcoming legend in Season 15.

The codes include very familiar sets of words such as “Catalyst” and “ferro_wall”. Ferro wall is an ability for Catalyst that lets the legend create platforms using ferrofluids, which lines up with the current leak. So, if leaks and rumors are true, we might be able to see Catalyst as the next legend in Season 15.

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