Imperialhal Bashes Controller Tap Strafers for Using Steam Config, Calls Them “Losers”

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Recently many controller players have been using steam configs to Tap-strafe on controllers. Imperialhal thinks it should not be allowed.

Movement has been one of the most integral parts of Apex Legends since the beginning. Players are always discovering new movement techniques that keep the game fresh and enjoyable. Tap strafing is one of these movement techniques that PC players highly appreciate.

Tap strafing was first discovered in Season 6. Respawn did not purposely put tap strafing in the game and wanted to remove it from the game. However, mouse and keyboard players did not want Respawn to remove this movement technique from the game as it was incredibly fun to use.

Though tap strafing was hit hard in Season 12, Respawn did not completely remove it from Apex Legends. Mouse and keyboard players were happy because they had tap strafe while controller players had aim assist. However, that’s not the case anymore. Because of steam config, even controller players can now tap strafe in Apex Legends.

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Imperialhal Calls Out Players for Using Steam Configs

Although it is impossible to tap strafe with controllers in default settings, it is now doable with steam config. Steam config allows players to use multiple commands together, allowing players to tap strafe with controllers. So, Imperialhal shared his thoughts on controller tap strafing and the players who use them.

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“If someone’s on controller and they’re tap strafing, then they’re doing steam config, which is not allowed in comp. I don’t understand, like why are competitive players even using steam configs anways. You gotta have at least some type of f**ing integrity to be a loser and still use it”, Imperialhal frustratingly explains.

After saying this, he also mentions that some of his friends and people he plays with also use the steam config. Imperialhal also finds it hard to understand why is the steam config even allowed in the game if it is not allowed in competitive (tournaments).

Nonetheless, apart from Imperialhal, many players also think that steam config and tap strafing in the controller should not be allowed. Respawn is yet to respond about this issue. So, whether it is right or wrong is still a matter of debate.

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