Apex Community Bashes Respawn for Making Paid Skins Disappear and Reselling Them as Twitch Rewards

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Respawn is caught under fire once again by the Apex Legends community for silently removing some of the previously purchased skins from players’ inventories without warning.

Although Apex Legends is a free-to-play title, EA and Respawn make revenue from selling skins and cosmetic items regularly. These skins offer players to personalize their Apex Legends experience, making them highly valued items in the community.

Although Mythic tier items such as Heirlooms are the most expensive items in Apex Legends, other cosmetic items don’t come in cheap. Players purchase and collect these items as they want to experience varieties in the game.

However, after Season 15 update, players have noticed missing items from their inventory. These are the missing items players paid real money to buy. So, after discovering what’s been happening, players are pretty mad and accusing Respawn of stealing from them.

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Players are Furious as Items go Missing from Inventory

Recently a data miner named HYPERMYST leaked some cosmetic items that are supposed to be given to players as upcoming Twitch rewards. However, instead of seeing new skins, players discovered some familiar cosmetic items in the Twitch drop list.

The cosmetic items are:

  • Iced Out Charm.
  • Cult Classic Devotion Skin.
  • Tribal Glyph RE-45 Skin.
  • Giggle Guard Charm.

Not long after that, another data miner named KralRindo pointed out that most of these free Twitch reward skins were already sold to players in the store for real money. If that wasn’t bad already, players who previously purchased these skins reported that these miraculously went missing from their inventory without any trace.

Typically, most players have a massive collection of skins in their inventory. As a result, many were unaware of this before. However, numerous players discovered that their skins had also vanished once this information surfaced. And this infuriated them.

apex skins going missing
Source: KralRindo’s Twitter

After getting called out, a Respawn developer and producer named Josh Medina responded in KralRindo’s post. According to him, this is a bug. However, no further clarification came out from him or any other developer. So, it is still unclear what caused this issue.

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