Apex Legends is Under Fire for Not Taking Any Action Against Cronus Zen and Strike Packs like Warzone 2.0 and Fortnite

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Following the footsteps of Fortnite, Warzone 2.0 has also banned third-party devices like Cronus Zen and Strike Packs. What is stopping Apex Legends from doing so?

Cronus Zens and Strike Packs are external devices used in popular PS and XBOX controllers to add advanced functionality. They work like modifications, giving players unfair advantages to the users regular controllers don’t provide.

On September 2022, Fortnite restricted players from using third-party devices such as Cronus Zen and Max on controllers. Players who are unaware would first get an in-game warning, and attempting to bypass the restriction would permanently ban them.

Following Fortnite, Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2 also have recently restricted any third-party hardware usage to gain unfair advantages. Even though the developers did not clarify which specific devices will be banned, the description indicates that Chornus Zen and Strike Packs are the primary targets.

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What About Apex Legends?

Like any other modern FPS game, Apex Legends is also filled with Cronus Zen and Strike pack users. Although Respawn never directly allowed any third-party device users, they never directly prohibited them from using Cronus or Strike Packs.

In February 2019, Apex Legends was released. Players have spent countless hours practicing their aim, movement, and gameplay ever since. Yet, users of Cronus, Strike Pack, and other third-party devices unfairly outperform them without even trying.

As a result, players are understandably frustrated that Apex Legends, like other well-known BRs, has yet to take any significant action or, at least, address the issue against the Cronus and Strike Pack users.

u/NyxDDG thinks that by not addressing the issue, Respawn is giving the Cronus and Strike Pack users the “go-ahead” to use such devices without any constraints.

The use of third-party devices and scripts has been a worrying problem in Apex Legends. Many people think that using these tools and scripts is equivalent to cheating in the game. They, therefore, expect that Respawn, like other well-known BR developers, would solve the problem right away and make the game safer for everyone.

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