Apex Legends’ April 10 Patch Fixed Attachment Transfer Button Bug and ‘Pay-to-Win’ Flatline Ironsight

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: EA

Respawn released a small patch on April 10, 2023, fixing several known issues in the game.

As Apex Legends is a live-service game, Respawn continuously pushes minor to major updates every few days or weeks. These updates bring a truckload of content into the game, such as new cosmetic items, new features, Limited-time Game Modes, and more.

However, Respawn is also notorious for breaking the game with every update. Despite intensive testing, these bugs and glitches go unnoticed by the developers and make it into the game. It is somewhat common for a huge game like Apex Legends, a playground for over 130 million players worldwide.

Nonetheless, sooner or later, Respawn releases fix for the issues so players can enjoy the game. Similarly, Apex Legends released a small patch on April 10, addressing many issues players have been facing since the Sun Squad Collection Event.

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April 10 Patch Details

In the Sun Squad Collection Event update, players noticed multiple issues. For starters, Respawn switched the weapon attachment transfer button, causing people to drop their scopes and attachments unintentionally. The issue has finally been resolved.

Moreover, Vantage players were having issues with Echo spawning in the wrong locations when deployed. They were able to launch quite high into the air and cover very long distances thanks to it. Players can expect Echoes to respawn in the right places following the patch.

The Sun Squad Collection Event also brought tons of new cosmetic items. One of the skins, Splash Zone Flatline, had a “pay-to-win” ironsight. Nonetheless, Respawn later confirmed it was unintentional and would be fixed soon. The April 10 patch also addressed the issue, and the Ironsight has been changed back to match the regular ironsights.

Credit: EA

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