HisWattson Did the Impossible by Completing a Solo Rookie-to-Predator Challenge in Apex Legends with No Armor

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: HisWattson/ EA

HisWattson has made yet another impossible challenge by reaching Apex Predator from Rookie in two days. Surprisingly, the pro didn’t need any armor to do that.

Respawn introduced ranked mode in Season 2 of Apex Legends. Like any competitive game, Apex Legends also has rank distribution. Currently, there is a total of 8 ranks in the game. Among all the ranks, Rookie is the lowest, and Predator is the highest achievable milestone in the game.

Reaching Apex Predator rank is as complex as it sounds. There are more than 130 million Apex Legends players out there. But only the top 750 players in the world can achieve this rank. Even when combining all Apex Predators on all platforms, there are only 2250 Predators on PC, XBOX, and PlayStation altogether.

Nonetheless, for some people, reaching pred seems too easy of a case. In Season 10, iiTzTimmy did a challenge from solo Bronze to Predator in a single stream. And now, HisWattson did something more insane. He went from Rookie to Apex Predator in 47 hours of gameplay, and that with no armor.

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HisWattson’s Rookie to Apex Predator with No Armor

Born in 2001, Jacob “HisWattson” McMillin is a North American professional Apex Legends player currently signed under FURIA. With HisWattson, FURIA got 2nd place in the ALGS 2022 finals. Moreover, he was announced the MVP of the tournament.

He is one of the best the Apex community has to offer. Yet, going from a Rookie to Apex Predator as a solo without armor seems like an impossible challenge, considering other similarly skilled players were also in the lobby. Nonetheless, HisWattson did it live and showed everyone that it was possible.

The Twitch and game stats are even more impressive. HisWattson completed the challenge in two long streams of 20+ hours, totaling 47 hours and 182 games. Throughout the streams, HisWattson maintained 6.5k+ average viewers and 10k+ max viewers. And the challenge was completed on April 7, 2023, just after Season 16 Split 2 went live.

There’s no denying that HisWattson is one of the best players in the world. However, being able to reach Predator from Rookie without armor in two days raise questions about the matchmaking system of Apex Legends. Nonetheless, we congratulate HisWattson for reaching this milestone.

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