Twitch streamer “iiTzTimmy” goes from solo Bronze to Predator playing Apex Legends in a single stream

Apex Legends streamer iiTzTimmy recently went from Bronze to Predator rank in a single streaming session.

Timmy An or more commonly known online as iiTzTimmy is a popular American Twitch Streamer and YouTuber. Currently, he has more than 900k followers on Twitch and around 600k subscribers on Twitch. Previously Timmy managed to break the world record by dealing over 9000 damage in a single match of Apex. He also climbed from Bronze to Masters in a single stream in a previous attempt.

Recently, iiTzTimmy announced on Twitter that he will be doing “Solo Bronze To Predator in one Stream” in Apex Legends. Reaching Predator in Apex Legends is very challenging, but Timmy wanted to do it in a single stream. As per the Tweet, Timmy went live and started his climb up the ranks of Apex Legends.

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But that was 54 hours ago and finally iiTzTimmy has managed to reach Predator rank in Apex Legends. During this Livestream, Timmy, unfortunately, had to restart his Livestream around the 20-hour mark.

But he soon came back online and continued his grind. It took him 24 more hours to finally reach the top of the Apex Legends ranks. Near the end of the stream, Timmy’s viewership on Twitch was close to 150k.

Timmy Celebrates on Twitter:

Soon after reaching his goal iiTzTimmy posted on Twitter celebrating this monumental achievement. The Tweet reads,

“Bro I can’t believe it. One stream. Solo Bronze To Predator. 54 Hours of Non-stop @PlayApex. My community, friends, family, Aline… Thank you… I really can’t thank y’all enough. This honestly means the world to me.”

The official Apex Legends Twitter account commented on Timmy’s Twitter post saying,

“Proud of you, ya absolute legend.

(Also please drink some water, go to sleep, and never play for 54 hours straight again. For your health)”

#Timmy is currently trending under the video games category on Twitter with more than 12.8 k Tweets after he finally finished his long stream.

Timmy trending on Twitter

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