Apex Legends fan made a custom TDM lobby with reworked legend abilities and wall-running

Apex Legends began its journey as a battle royale spin-off of the Titanfall franchise of video games but recently Respawn has shown interest in taking Apex beyond the battle royale genre.

This is more evident since Respawn has introduced the Arenas game mode which is basically a 3v3 style tactical shooter similar to games like Valorant. Furthermore, Apex Legends’ Game director Chad Grenier has hinted that they have plans for Apex in the future that may include brand new game modes for players to enjoy.

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However, one really tech-savvy fan just went out and made a custom TDM(team deathmatch mode) lobby in Apex Legends with two different spawn sites where players will be able to spawn and mess around. On top of that, this fan even reworked some legend abilities like Wraith’s tactical.

Wraith can now teleport?

Instead of making players invincible for a short duration, the new reworked tactical would allow players to teleport around the map similar to how teleportation mechanics work in the Dishonored franchise of video games.

While they were at it, the fans also decided to bring back wall running which added another dimension to the fluid movement of Apex Legends, especially in the custom-made TDM game mode. Also, they added night mode into the mix to spice things up a bit.

This was a small project spearheaded by a group of talented reverse engineers who were able to use assets made by Respawn to create a completely standalone game mode.

According to the creators of this mod, this is not an official map. And there is no information regarding if this fanmade game mode would ever come to the actual live game any time soon. All we can do is hope that Respawn would add a TDM mode soon to let players enjoy the hectic gameplay loop of Apex.

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