A cryo grenade capable of freezing players might be coming to Apex Legends, a new leak suggests

Respawn Entertainment, the development studio behind the popular free-to-play FPS game Apex Legends is known for introducing unique weapons in each new season.

Apex Legends is primarily a battle royale game set in the same universe as the Titanfall franchise which is also developed by Respawn. Consequently, all the weapons Respawn has introduced so far in Apex have been taken straight out of Titanfall with additional tweaks to make it more balanced for the battle royale mode.

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Since its launch, Respawn has introduced new weapons and legends with each new season, but they haven’t really added a new throwable into the game. The current state of the game in season 10, features only 3 types of grenades.

A new freezing type grenade

However, leaks from a pretty reliable data miner suggest Respawn may be working on a new “Cryo” grenade that will be capable of freezing players temporarily. While it is currently in the early prototyping phase, images and texts found in the game files hint at Respawn testing this throwable with the thermite grenade as a placeholder.

According to Shrugtal, the new throwable is in its early testing phase. Meaning the devs are still working on it. So, don’t expect it to hit the live servers any time soon. As this is a leak, take it with a grain of salt as Respawn could still change direction and not release this into the actual game.

Respawn has introduced new weapons in the last couple of seasons and adding another weapon might mess up the weapon pool. Therefore, instead of adding another new weapon to the mix, Respawn might decide to take things in a new direction by just adding a new throwable cryo grenade that freezes players.

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Since Shrugtal has a pretty good track record of revealing new information regarding upcoming content, there is a good possibility that we might see a new throwable grenade being added to the game in a future update.

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