NRG “sweetdreams” think Apex Legends needs more challenging weapons and support characters

Respawn recently released their most anticipated season 10 of Apex Legends and so far it has delivered on the promise of exciting new content although it came with some unfortunate caveats.

The new season introduced Seer who has already taken the characters meta by storm. And the exact same can also be said about Rampage LMG which is currently causing havoc. The latest hotfix addressed more immediate game-breaking problems like the Prowler, L-Star, and map-related bugs. Whereas, Seer will receive a much-needed balancing update next week.

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The general consensus among the Apex Legends player base is that season 10 feels really good but the introduction of Seer with wallhacks and more automatic weapons have made the game more catering towards new players.

Sweetdreams, a professional Apex Legends player currently representing NRG has been quite vocal about Respawn’s recent push towards making characters and weapons tailor-made for newbies.

Respawn should make more skill based weapons

NRG sweetdreams stated that Apex Legends is following the same route as Fortnite. For example, since Apex has been out for a while, the average player base has gotten really good. He later goes onto argue that the current state of the game needs more skill-based weapons like the Wingman and fewer wallhack legends like Seer.

Currently, Apex has only one true support character and that is one and only Lifeline. Apart from her, no other legend can’t be described as a true healer. While other legends such as Loba can provide decent support, she can’t really be considered a healer.

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In terms of concurrent player count, season 10 has apparently been one of the best so far, according to EA. And the pace might continue if Respawn can deliver exciting content for upcoming seasons. And more skill-based weapons and support characters might bring more spice to the gameplay loop of Apex.

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