Pro Apex Legends player broke the world record by dealing over 9000 damage in a single match

Apex Legends pro player ‘iiTzTimmy‘ who used to play for Golden Guardians just broke the world record as he dealt 9069 damage in a single match.

This American player started playing professional Apex Legends under the banner of the Golden Guardians back in 2019. He has also taken part in almost all the major tournaments featuring Apex Legends.

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Alongside competing in tournaments, he also streams on a regular basis. He loves to absolutely decimate his opponents in public matches. Recently he took a challenge upon himself to break the world record for the most damage in a single match.

After trying for some time now, he finally succeeded in breaking the 9000 damage barrier. Apex is a fast-paced game and it is a haven for players who are always trying to make a new world record and cementing their place in the history books.

It’s over 9000!

You can already see how he achieved this insane record. It’s already on his YouTube channel.

He picked Horizon as his main for this seemingly unreachable challenge and using her superior mobility was able to break the 9000 damage marker. In season 8, Respawn finally added an in-game damage counter in Apex.

It definitely made it easier to complete this obscene feat. While most of us plebs can’t even unlock the 2k damage badge, pro players are actually getting closer than ever to breaking the 10k damage mark.

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Unfortunately, Apex currently only has up to 4k damage badges. But if this continues along, soon Respawn will have to introduce more badges that more accurately represent players with high-skill levels.