Apex Legends: Japanese and Asian servers are littered with cheaters, dev says a solution is likely on the way

Hideouts the security personal at Respawn responsible for Apex Legends has announced that he will be doubling down on his efforts in the Japanese servers this week.

The overall cheater issues in the Japanese server are at an all-time high right now. And the situation with the Asian servers is in some cases even worse. Something needs to be done in this instance regarding all the aimbots and blatant exploiters.

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Ranked mode is almost unplayable due to these cheaters. In the Asian servers, most matches end up being a cheater vs cheater show. That is not something the average players or Respawn want to see.

Japanese servers to get a cleanup

Following many complaints from Japanese players, Hideouts announced that he will be taking a closer look at all the problems that these players are facing every day. Later he even encouraged players to send in clips of blatant cheaters his way so he can take action against these cheaters.

Hearing this news, many other players in the Asian servers also voiced their concern regarding the overwhelming presence of cheaters in the servers. In reply, Hideout assured players that these are temporary and a more meaningful solution is already in the works.

Turns out, Respawn is already working on a more sophisticated system to track down these lawless individuals. However, the exact details regarding this new solution have not been revealed as of writing. We will update you with more up-to-date information regarding the cheater situation within the Asian and Japanese servers for Apex Legends.

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