Apex Legends Fan Made a Functioning Replica of Octane’s Heirloom

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Apex Legends fans have made some amusing-looking replicas of in-game items in the past.

This fan decided to take it to a whole new level and create a semi-working replica of Octane’s heirloom. Unlike other heirlooms, Octane’s heirloom resembles a butterfly knife with a needle attached to it.

Since Octane is a speed junkie with a questionable relationship with drugs, it makes a lot of sense that his heirloom literally has a needle attached to it. To keep it as real as possible, this fan also inserted some sort of green substance inside the heirloom.

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Octane’s Heirloom in Real Life

Additionally, this heirloom replica also functions like a butterfly knife, making it closer to all the inspect animations that players usually get in the game. Fans of the franchise have made replicas of other notable items in the game.

For example, Wraith’s heirloom is a common creation among Apex enthusiasts. And in terms of weapon clones, there are a lot of replicas of fan-favorite weapons like the Wingman and meme weapons like Mozambique.

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Heirlooms are the rarest cosmetic items that a player can own in the game. And as a result, their values are immeasurable to diehard Apex fans. Therefore, sometimes fans like to create stuff like these to show appreciation towards the character or an in-game item that they like so much.


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