Respawn to Give Free Heirloom to Those Affected with the Bad Luck Protection Bug

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

A new bug that occurred with the new anniversary collection event affected a lot of players’ chances to win a guaranteed heirloom with the 500th pack opening in Apex Legends.

Respawn gave players a chance to win an heirloom of their liking with the announcement of the anniversary collection event. Unlike other collection events, this one didn’t introduce any new Heirlooms.

Instead, players would get two event-related packs. And that gave them a fair shot at receiving heirloom shards. Subsequently, players can use these shards to practically buy any heirloom that is currently available in the shop.

However, due to a bug, when some of these players actually obtained a Heirloom, it mistakenly reset the bad luck protection system that ensures an heirloom with the 500th pack. Therefore, those who were affected were no longer eligible for another heirloom with their 500th pack opening.

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Respawn is Already Working on a Hotfix

This bug apparently affected players who opened the heirloom pack before 3 PM PT. And later the bug was squashed. Additionally, the bug has also affected normal pack opening after they gained an heirloom. To fix this, Respawn will give a pack containing heirloom shards to players who were affected and didn’t receive an heirloom for their 500th pack opening.

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On top of that, Respawn will give away 5 extra apex packs for those who were affected. This was a great move by Respawn to ensure player satisfaction.

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