NICKMERCS Have Had Enough of Apex and CoD Hackers and Think They Should be “Sent to Jail”

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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The popular streamer, NICKMERCS, tweeted out that people who cheat and hack in games should be sent to jail.

Cheating and hacking issues have always been a big challenge for players as well as game developers. Despite having some of the best anti-cheat systems out there, the cheating issue is hard to resolve completely.

Nonetheless, whether you are a die-hard competitive gamer or a casual player, you are sure to get upset and angry when you face a hacker or a cheater during a game such as Apex Legends and Warzone 2.0.

The cheating issue is considered a disease in the online gaming community, and hackers and cheaters are the ones who purposely spread them. So, naturally, many people think it is a serious offense that should be punishable by law. The Popular Apex Legends and Warzone 2.0 streamer, NICKMERCS, also feels the same.

cheaters and hackers in apex and cod
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Cheaters and Hackers Should be “Sent to Jail”

Like most gamers, NICKMERCS is also frustrated with the cheating concern in online games. The primary sources of revenue for players like NICKMERCS are gaming and streaming. So, it makes sense that playing online games constantly against hackers would enrage and annoy them to the point where they feel like cheaters and hackers deserve to be sent to jail.

Similar to NICKMERCS, many other streamers and pro players also think alike. LG ShivFPS, who has been a victim of stream sniping and cheaters for a long time, also supported NICKMERCS’ statement by saying, “DAMN F#*ing RIGHT.”

Claiming that cheaters and hackers ought to be imprisoned could be a little over the top. Nonetheless, many people think that if someone is ever detected cheating in an online video game, there should be some form of punishment that prevents them from continuing to play online video games.

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