Apex Legends Ash Launch Skin Bundle: First Look, Price, Release Date

Season 11 of Apex Legends is almost here and similar to each new seasonal update the new legend Ash is scheduled to receive a launch skin bundle.

The new season 11 of Apex Legends brings all the usual seasonal update that has become standard at this point such as a new character called “Ash“, a new weapon C.A.R SMG, a new map called Storm Point based on a tropical island, a brand new Escape battle pass, a revamped ranked system, and much more.

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And similar to every new character release in the game, the new legend Ash is going to receive a personalized launch bundle containing a really unique-looking “Chain of Command” legendary skin and a matching legendary C.A.R SMG skin called “Judgement Day” to go along with the terminator vibe of this bundle.

Ash Launch Skin Bundle First Look

Based on all the trailer footage so far, Ash’s launch bundle skin features silver armor with subtle red highlights. Unsurprisingly, this killer robot look really suits Ash as she is a simulacrum, according to Respawn.

This skin will be an exclusive for season 11 only and players who are already looking to play her on a permanent basis need to keep an eye out for this skin as there is no telling if this skin will ever return to the store after the sale ends.

Also, the launch bundle will come with Ash unlocked as a playable character provided if you don’t have enough legend tokens saved.

Ash Launch Bundle Skin
Image via Shrugtal
Ash Launch Bundle Skin
Image via Shrugtal
Ash Launch Bundle Skin
Image via Shrugtal

Ash Launch Skin Bundle Price:

Ash launch skin bundle will cost around 3000 Apex coins. However, if you purchase the new legend Ash using legend token then the overall price of the skin bundle will decrease to 2250 Apex coins.

Ash Launch Skin Bundle Release Date:

Ash’s launch skin bundle will release alongside the new season 11 of Apex Legends on November 2nd, 2021.

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