Respawn Dev Confirms Octane’s Jump Pad Indeed got a Nerf in Apex Legends Season 11

Octane’s Jump pad finally received a well-needed nerf in Apex Legends Season 11.

Octane is one of the most mobile legends in Apex Legends. The fast movement speed from his Stim ability and the Jump pad made him the first choice of many Apex players. According to recent statistics, Octane’s pick rate in Apex Ranked is 14.6%. This number is very high compared to other Apex Legends. Especially when characters like Wraith and Bloodhound have a pick rate of 11.3% and 10.5% respectively.

The official Apex Legends wiki describes Octane as a high-speed offensive legend. His abilities also synergize very well with and help enable other agents in the team. And his Jumppad ability is a literal trump card and the cooldown is very short. These are the reasons Octane in Apex Legends has one of the highest picks rates.

There was also another problem with Octane’s Jump Pad that made it quite hard to hear Octane’s Jump Pad sound. According to many Apex Legends players, Octane’s Jump Pad was practically silent and during gunfights, it was impossible to hear enemies using it.

But that all seems to have changed, as, in the recent Apex Legends Season 11 update, Octane’s Jump Pad audio was improved.

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Octane Jump Pad Nerf:

John Larson, Associate Live Balance Designer of Apex Legends, recently shared a Tweet that said,

“- Octane pad audio improvements
– Wattson buff
– EVA, L-STAR, and Longbow nerfs
– Scout crated, Triple Take out
– Wait, Wattson buff?
– Ranked QoLs
– Care Package and Crafting tweaks”

But in the official Apex Legends Season 11 Patch Notes we did not have any mention of this nerf. So a Twitter user asked John about this change not being mentioned in the official patch notes. John Larson’s response was,

“Looks like we actually missed that! But it’ll now be quite obvious when nearby players are using pad and traveling through the air. Shoutout to @denseclarity for making that change”

Later the official patch note was updated to reflect the Octane Jump Pad changes. Octane’s Jump pad now plays a much noticeable sound when players are flying through the air.

Octane Jump Pad changes screenshot Credit: EA/Respawn

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