Apex Legends Season 11 Escape Ranked: Rewards, Skydive Trails, Split Dates, & More

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As we are at the tail end of season 10 of Apex Legends, Respawn has finally given us more information regarding the upcoming season 11 called “Escape.”

Similar to every new season starting in season 2, Respawn has introduced new ranked rewards for competitive players to grind throughout the whole season. Since this battle royale game has multiple maps, the ranked portion of the battle royale mode is usually played on two completely different maps on two different splits.

This ranked split basically occurs in the middle of the season and it resets some ranked progression. So, players can climb the ranked ladder on two different splits to collect additional rewards.

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Season 11 Escape Ranked Updates

In Apex Legends ranked mode, there are 7 distinct ranks for players to climb. It starts from all the way back in bronze to Apex Predator. Players need to spend RP (ranked points) to join a ranked lobby.

Players can collect RP by either getting kills or by placing in the top ten lists. In order to climb up the ranked ladder, players need to get more RP than they spent to join that particular match. After amassing enough RP, players then get promoted to the next rank.

After reaching the master rank, only the top 750 players on a server can hold the position of Apex Predator, which is the highest rank in this battle royale game.

Apex ranked
Image via Respawn

Apex Season 11 Ranked Patch Notes

Ranked continues to attract a large portion of players (around 40% of all playtime!), but this doesn’t mean we can’t look to make improvements.

Note: We fixed an issue where expired Skydive trails remained accessible for longer than they should have. These trails will now expire on the intended seasonal cadence, as mentioned originally in the Ranked Series 3 post (trails from Series 1 and 2 are still grandfathered in).

Ranked Battle Royale: Escape

“Skill” in Apex can be evaluated in all sorts of ways. It’s the amalgamation of gun skill, movement, positioning, awareness, legend mastery, and prevailing over everyone else as Champion that separates the lowly Bronze from Apex Predators.

With that in mind, we want to provide more flexibility and nuance to how players can express skill when RP gains are at stake. Before Escape, measurements were simple and straightforward. We grant RP based on kill points and a placement multiplier. Now, we’re easing back on some RP restrictions to offer other routes to max out kill-related RP in a match. 

TL;DR: Just give me the summary…

  • Kill RP values now take differences between killer/victim Ranked tiers into account.
  • The kill RP cap (as we have traditionally thought about it up to this point) is effectively being raised from six to seven. However, this kill-related RP cap can be reached in different ways, depending on tier differences and placement. Placement is still paramount, and you still must place first to have a chance at max total RP.

To expand on the first point, tier differences between the killer and victim will be taken into account when calculating the baseline kill point value. For example, if a Plat player kills a Diamond player, that kill counts as 12 instead of 10 RP.

Tier DifferenceKill Points

Some points of clarification; 

  • Victims do not lose more or fewer points when killed (in terms of entry cost). Only the killer receives the modifier.
  • Apex Predator and Master are treated as the same tier.
  • An encounter rate with someone of a 3+ tier difference is ultra-rare (less than 0.1%). Ranked matchmaking is staying the same, so in general, you’ll come across identical tiers. In cases where you squad up with a different rank friend or merge into a different tier lobby, your KP will be adjusted appropriately.

After tier differences are taken into account for kill points, a flat per-kill bonus is added based on placement.

Final PlacementPer Kill Bonus

The maximum kill point RP is 175. Any kill-related RP that exceeds that after placement and tier modifiers are added doesn’t affect total RP.  The final step is to add a flat placement bonus.

season 11 ranked changes
Image via EA

We’re curious to see how these changes affect the ranked grind. Jump into Storm Point this first split and let us know how they feel. Stay tuned; this is only the start of what we have in store for Ranked improvements.

Ranked Arenas – Escape

We learned a lot from the first season of Ranked arenas and are eager to bring you some improvements:

  • Arenas Ranked now has 2 splits, similar to Ranked Battle Royale
  • Along with each new season and split, there is a soft MMR reset and new placement matches.  New seasons require the usual 10 placement matches, while a new split only requires 5 placement matches.
  • Improvements have been made to matchmaking for finding similarly skilled teammates.
  • Reduced the AP amount gained or lost from MMR differences between teams.


For the Escape update, the map rotation will be back down to 2 maps: Storm Point and World’s Edge. With Storm Point being a whole new map, we want to make sure players have plenty of time to master the new arena.


With the introduction of Encore, the Arenas map rotation will now include only the custom-made Arenas maps. We will not be using BR locations for Arenas in the Escape update.

Season 11 Ranked Rewards

With every new ranked season in Apex Legends, Respawn rewards competitive ranked junkies with unique skydive trails. In order to get this, players need to at least climb up to diamond rank. As competitive ranked Apex Legends is really hard, these skydive trails are really sought after by the community.

Aside from skydive trails, Respawn also gives players ranked-specific weapon charms, badges, and banners. Although the actual rewards for season 11 ranked have not been revealed, as of writing.

Apex ranked
Image via Respawn

Season 11 Escape Ranked Split Dates

For the Escape update, the map rotation will be back down to 2 maps: Storm Point and World’s Edge. With the introduction of Encore, the Arenas map rotation will now include only the custom-made Arenas maps. We will not be using BR locations for Arenas in the Escape update.

Season 11 Escape ranked will go live on November 2, 2021. But Respawn hasn’t officially confirmed the ranked split dates yet, as of writing.

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