Apex Legends Season 11 Escape Battle Pass: First Look, Legendary Skins, Price, Release Date, & More

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Respawn Entertainment has finally given us a closer look at the new Apex Legends season 11 battle pass called “Escape”.

Similar to every new season in Apex Legends, Respawn has revealed a new battle pass for diehard fans to grind throughout the whole season. Battle passes are basically a set of levels for players to grind within a certain period of time to receive exclusive seasonal rewards such as legendary skins, skydive emotes, trackers, banners, and more.

On top of that, battle passes usually feature reactive legendary skins that change colors based on kills. These types of reactive weapon skins are really sought after by the community since they are the cream of the crop when it comes to cosmetic items in the game.

While previous battle passes were exclusive to only that season, Respawn has decided to change that with season 11. So, the exclusive battle pass-specific rewards could come back in the future in the form of an event.

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Season 11 Escape Battle Pass

In a recent official dev blog, Respawn finally revealed the name of the next battle pass. keeping up with the overall theme of the next season, the next battle pass will be called “Escape”.

First Look at Escape

Based on the official reveals so far, we only have a banner image showcasing the new color theme of the season 11 Escape battle pass. Turns out, the new Escape battle pass will have a light red color scheme. Expect all the character stats banners to also follow a similar color scheme.

Aside from all the rewards, such as legendary character and weapon skins, sky diving emotes, weapon charms, trackers, music packs, Apex packs, and 1200 crafting materials, if you complete the whole battle pass, you will also receive an additional 1000 Apex coins to purchase the next battle pass for season 12.

Season 11 Escape Battle Pass
Image via Respawn

Legendary Skins

For season 11, Respawn finally decided to give the Prowler SMG the ultimate battle pass skin treatment. This means the Prowler is getting two different reactive legendary skins with different recolors at battle pass levels 100 and 110, respectively.

Expect at least five legendary skins for both legends and weapons. These legendary skins will be paired with a lot of rare and epic tier skins to fill up all the reward tiers up to level 110 in the Escape battle pass. Also, at battle pass levels 100 and 110, there should be two legendary exclusive reactive skins with two different recolors for the same weapon.

  • Mirage Legendary Skin
  • Gibraltar Legendary Skin
  • Battle pass Level 1 Legendary Bow Skin
  • Reactive Prowler Legendary skin with two recolors
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Season 11 Escape Battle Pass Price

Based on previous battle passes, expect to pay around 950 Apex coins to unlock the season 11 Escape battle pass, which equates to around $10 dollars.

Season 11 Escape Battle Pass Release Date

Apex Legends season 11 battle pass “Escape” will arrive on November 2, 2021, alongside the new season.

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