Skarner VGU Concept Art Update

Fahim Shahriar
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Image CreditL: Riot Games

Riot just revealed some concept art for the Skarner VGU.

League of Legends is a fairly old game. The game was released over a decade ago and is still one of the most popular games in the market. The reason for the game’s success is its evolution and innovation. Riot Games constantly updates the game and shakes up the meta to keep the game fresh.

One of the ways Riot updates the game is by doing reworks. The reworks are a process of modernizing the older champions and breathing new life into champions.

Riot reworked a fair amount of champions in 2022; we got the full Udyr reworks alongside several mini-reworks, such as Zeri, AhriDr. Mundo, and Tahm Kench. This year we already received the Jax mini rework. We also got some information about the Aurelion Sol rework, but one of the reworks we didn’t have any information about was the Skarner VGU.

The Skarner rework has been in the works for almost a year. In February of 2022, Riot held a vote to determine the next rework, and Skarner won by a landslide. Skarner beat out Shyvana, Kog’Maw, Tryndamere, and Nocturne and became the champion that will be reworked in 2023. Apart from the fact it was on Riot’s rework list, Riot didn’t share much information about the rework.

But recently, in the latest Season 2023 | LoL Pls Riot revealed some information about the Skarner VGU and two new champions, Milio and Naafiri. They also talked about new Ranked changes and Voiceovers for older champions.

YouTube video

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Skarner Rework

There wasn’t much information shared about the Skarner VGU. But according to Riot’s champion product manager Lexi Gao “The Skarner VGU team has started exploring ways to dial up his scorpion fantasy.” She also mentioned, “At this phase, we’re leaving no arthropod-hiding stone unturned to find exciting themes, kits, and stories.”

Besides that, Riot has shown us some of the early concept art for the Skarner VGU.

Skarner Concept Art

Here is all the Skarner VGU Concept Art that Riot released in the latest Season 2023 | LoL Pls.

Skarner VGU 1
Skarner VGU 2
Skarner VGU 3

Release Date

The release date for the Skarner VGU has not been confirmed yet, but Riot announced that they would release a Dev Blog later this year with more information.

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